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and we're going to do it for san francisco. go giant, baby. >> a big night for giants. we will take you there. plus, the oakland a's are done for day. we'll also take you to detroit for some postgame perspective. and the blue angels take to the sky over the san francisco bay, and we'll take you out on the water. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer, and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news.
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we'll bring you complete coverage of the bay's big weekend in just a moment, but we begin tonight with a heartbreaking story on the peninsula. a minivan hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a parking lot of a church today. her mother and one other adult was also injured at st. andrew's catholic church in daly city. kimberly tere joins us from daly city with more for us. >> reporter: diane, you can see the markers left on the ground by investigators who were here for hours in this parking lot. the accident happened just before 9:00 this morning, just as mass was about to begin, and catechism for the kids was getting under way. so witnesses say the parking lot was very busy. according to daly city police, a woman in her 50s driving a minivan hit a mother, her child, and another woman. all three victims were taken to san francisco general hospital where the 6-year-old girl died. the two women, one 45, the other 46 years old are, still hospitalized tonight. their conditions unknown. parishioners say the accident is very upsetting, and at this
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afternoon's mass, the church prayed for the families involved. >> it should not have happened. the parking lot is small, like i said. and i think this guy must have come speeding. >> it's been there already. we don't know what happened. feel like someone is crying for help. >> it's a red car. that car got hit. so i think someone got pinned. i'm not sure who. and one of the -- one of the mother the mother, they said they took her from under the sienna. >> reporter: the driver is not injured. she is cooperating with police and she was not arrested or cited. it does appear to be an accident, but they are still investigating. live in daly city tonight, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you, kimberly. we also have developing news out of the east bay. detectives are investigating the death of woman found in her home in hercules. police say the woman's husband called a neighbor to check in on his wife when she didn't pick
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him up from the airport around 11:00 last night. neighbors went into the home on ash court. they say they found the victim, an asian woman in her 50s, lying on the ground near what appeared to be blood on the floor. police say the family's car, a 2011 sky blue subaru outback is also missing. >> has an idaho license plate number of 1a 1f 7680. so far police have not made any arrests or released any motive for the killing either. in san francisco, 22 people were arrested this afternoon after a protest turned violent. this is cell phone video sent into our newsroom. police say a group of demonstrators, many wearing masks covering their faces took to the streets near california and battery, vandalizing cars and businesses and disrupting traffic along the way. when police in riot gear intervened, protesters reportedly threw flares and bags of paint at the officers. one officer was hit in the head, but he is expected to be okay.
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police say some of the protesters were armed with hammers, ice picks, and other weapons. it's still unclear at this point what they were protesting. and now on to the bay's big weekend. baseball, fleet week, america's cup to name a few. between today and tomorrow, the city is expecting close to one million visitors. those visitors were warned traffic could be terrible. but so far getting into san francisco actually hasn't been so bad. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is about as empty as it gets getting into the city. we have crews throughout the city tonight. we want to begin with nbc bay area's monte francis. he is along the waterfront. monte is covering fleet week, the blue angels, and all thacht monte? >> reporter: good evening. even with so much happening in the city this weekend, thousands of people made their way here to see the blue angels. and those navy pilots did not disappoint. >> the skill, it's amazing what these pilots do. and it also makes you feel a bit
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patriotic. it's wonderful. >> reporter: it was impossible not to hear the blue angels in san francisco today. and for those who looked up, impossible to look away. flying in formation just 18 inches apart and approaching the sound barrier, for in the navy's f-18s are always fleet week's biggest highlights. fleet week began this morning with a parade of ships as vessels from the navy and coast guard traveled under the golden gate bridge and into the bay. but for 12-year-old wyatt jayhugh, it was all about what was flying overhead. >> i love the blue angels and the big giant planes. i just love everything about airplanes. >> reporter: the air show included some impressive air acrobatics and some high-flying action from the air force's f-22 raptor. spectators were also wowed by a b-2 stealth bomber. >> the weather is great. and the show, yeah. excited to see the warships and all these fighter planes fly by.
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>> reporter: and fleet week continues tomorrow here in the city. the blue angels take to the sky again at 3:00 p.m. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> that stealth bomber was pretty impressive as well. thank you, monte. that's not all that is happening in the city there is also, you know, the free music festival going on at golden gate park, several street fairs and more. and the big crowds are only expected to get bigger tomorrow, believe it or not. nbc bay area's stephanie trong has more on what the city is doing to help people get around. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of thousands didn't want to miss this finger plucking, head-nodding, toe-tapping kind of music. >> very excited. to have this big music festival for free in our backyard is fantastic. >> reporter: it's the 12th year of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival at golden gate park. organizers say it attracts a quarter of a million people. it's one of the many draws to the city this weekend. they're expecting 100,000 in attendance to fleet week.
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that's more than 300,000 people each day. >> it's scary. everyone said over a million people would be coming through town. i mean i love the blue angels and fleet week, but i'll just have to look up from here. >> reporter: these bluegrass fans also have giants fever. >> it's going to be a nightmare. >> reporter: they plan to leave parking out of the equation. >> we'll go back to our parked cars about a mile or two from here and a hop muni and go down to the game. >> reporter: b.a.r.t has hooked up a dozen extra trains and called in extra station agents. and even with dozens of additional muni routes, these buss were jam-packed. >> it kind of makes for an exciting weekend. you know, there is a lot of stuff going on, and that's why san francisco is great. >> reporter: while it's not great for drivers, it's more the merrier for just about everyone else. >> benjamin, do you like to dance? okay. well, maybe not. maybe we won't dance today. but i think we will. >> reporter: in san francisco, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. and happening right now, sold out crowd at at&t park, cheering on the san francisco
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giants. this is video from our chopper just about an hour before the game got under way this evening. you can see right there the long line of cars along the embarcadero. trying to make their way to the ballpark. and giants fans were pumped up for the action hours ahead of the game. many of them took caltrain to get to at&t park and avoid the parking difficulties. all of them say they can feel another world series victory coming on. and it starts with tonight's game one. >> way too pumped up right now. first play-off game ever. this is my city. and we're going to do it for san francisco! go giants, baby! >> i'm pumped because the giants are here to win the world series. we're out here. we're out here. we're out here! >> all right. the giants play the reds again tomorrow night. also at 6:30 at at&t park before heading over to cincinnati. as for the a's, they are in detroit, of course. and coming up in sports, we're going to have all the highlights and the postgame in just a minute. the weather managed to cooperate today.
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meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a quick look. hello, rob. >> beautiful view there of san francisco right now. our temperature is really not too bad. we're seeing numbers in the 50s and 60s outside. here is a sneak preview to your sunday morning forecast. notice we're going to start to see the fog fill in tonight with some misty skies to start tomorrow morning. so what does that mean for your afternoon plans. i'll have a look at that when we come right back. and i'm laurence scott in san francisco at the america's cup world series. oracle team usa capsized today, but it didn't ruin the day. we'll show you some video you just got to see to believe. quite amazes coming up in a bit in a live report. plus, another big hike overnight to gas prices into the record books here in california. and he was helping the customer when the unimaginable happened. the jaw-dropping video coming up next. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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take a look at this. dramatic surveillance video shows a white pickup truck slamming into the front of a liquor store, shattering glass and coming within inches of hitting the store clerk. the cash happened around 10:00 last night in carmichael. that's near sacramento. witnesses say the driver and passenger took off after the crash. chp officers tracked down the suspected driver, 34-year-old robert wayne ring. he was arrested for felony hit-and-run and suspicion of driving under the influence. as for the clerk, he was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital and released. thank goodness. september was a blockbuster fundraising month for president obama. the campaign announced it raised $181 million, the highest monthly total of his reelection campaign. the monthly haul was likely boosted by tv exposure during the democratic national convention. a romney spokesman says the campaign has not yet released its september totals, but noted
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in a tweet that romney raised $12 million in the 48 hours after the debate. both candidates are still talking about the latest unemployment numbers. the jobless rate is now below 8%. the president was thrilled with that news while the republican nominee was skeptical. >> more americans are entering the workforce. more americans are getting jobs. >> the number of people in america, the participation of our adults in the workforce were the same as if he got elected, why our unemployment rate would be about 11%. >> president obama is set to return to the bay area on monday night. he will be at a fundraising concert in san francisco at the bill graham auditorium, along with participating in some high-priced private fundraisers as well. and now a consumer alert. more than a quarter million honda crvs are being recalled tonight. crvs manufactured between february of 2002 and july of 2006 are involved. honda says if liquid enters through the driver's side
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window, it could damage the master power switch on the door. if that happens, the switch could overheat and melt, causing a fire. honda says it will notify affected drivers and dealers will inspect and repair the switches free of charge. california set a dubious record today. gas prices have hit an all-time high, or at least met it. aaa now says the state average for a gallon of unleaded is $4.61, the highest in the country. many stations are charging more than $5 a gallon as well, and prices are expected to increase for several more days before leveling off. analyst says a temporary reduction in supply triggered that spike. >> a perfect storm of bad events, really. we had a low supply level of gasoline because we're going into the winter formulation blend season is. and later on top of that a couple refinery problems and an oil pipeline problem, and the wholesale market just blew up. >> well, the majority of gas prices in the bay area are hovering above the state average. a quick search on gas
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showed it closer to the $4 mark. many people are urged to ditch their cars this weekend and take public television to watch the america's cup. that's where laurence scott has been spending his saturday. laurence? >> hey, diane. how you doing? it was a tremendous day of racing today, full of spills, some chills, and nonstop action. there is a new champion in the match racing. we'll show you that in a second. and there is another guy who is right on the doorstep of the fleet racing championship tomorrow. we'll give you all the action that took place today. just take a look. it was an absolutely wild day of racing on the bay at the america's cup world series. oracle team usa spithill first punching a ticket to the finals, and then at the start of the first fleet race, they find themselves upside down and out of action. but spithill and crew would right the ship and rejoin the group of 11 in the second fleet race with a chance to get back
8:16 pm
on track before their twilight match race. and the troubles continue for team usa as sir russell coutts and his crew were forced to deal with a sail misfunction. the most points are to be had in sunday racing. and in the grand finale, the match race finals before sunset, oracle team usa spithill puts the capsize well behind them, taking out dean barker and emirates team new zealand to capture the round two match racing title. >> great recovery for jimmy spithill. and again, that fleet racing final will be right here on nbc bay area tomorrow. that being sunday at 1:30 p.m. that's when the coverage starts. and a little bit later here tonight, i don't know, in about 20 minutes or so, "countdown to the cup." it's our special where we go into the history of the america's cup. we look back at dennis conner
8:17 pm
and his ability to recapture the america's cup in 1987 from the australians who in '83 took it from the americans. we do a ride along with jimmy spithill. it's a whole look at the america's cup. we sort of uncover it in a way to bring you in before the racing starts here in full force in 2013. but yes, we still have one more event, and that is severe thunderstorm. and we'll have the action right here on nbc bay area for you, starting at 1:30. looking forward to it. send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks, laurence. that was dramatic video there. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda on the weather, and if it's going to hold up for tomorrow, rob. >> yeah, today was pretty tough to top. the clearing skies rapidly around midday. and the temperatures not too bad. upper to mid-60s around san francisco. and lots of 70s inland. 73 a pretty popular number from livermore to concord, up towards san rafael today. 50s and 60s outside. we did get the sea breeze to pick up for this evening now. wind southwest at 16 into fairfield.
8:18 pm
and it does look like the sea breeze will be a little stronger tomorrow. eventually we'll see the low clouds approaching the coast, which will lead us to partly cloudy skies for 49ers game tomorrow. the gym time just after 1:00. you'll see mid-60s out there with some partly cloudy skies. fleet week again tomorrow. don't think we're going to get as clear as the skies we had today over the bay. it was just a gorgeous day. tomorrow patches of low clouds west of the golden gate. we'll see a few of those. temperatures in the mid-60s. and as you watch now game two of the nlds with our giants and the cincinnati reds. same time tomorrow. a little cool were a few patchy low clouds. we expect gametime temperature there of about 62 degrees tomorrow evening. as you look at the temperatures around the bay area, you'll be looking at, again, some misty skies in a few spots as we go through tomorrow morning. and midday we'll see clearing as the low clouds start to back away from the coast there. you see patches of low clouds throughout. and then the low clouds will surge back in as we head towards the evening. 40s and 50s outside tonight. patches of low clouds start to sweep back. in near 70 in san jose.
8:19 pm
mid-70s closer to morgan hill and closer towards the east bay, we'll see the numbers in the mid-70s. in the north bay, we'll see the highs 60s to near 70 in santa rosa. tomorrow a few extra clouds. a little cooler with areas of morning drizzle on the coast. and the interesting part of the forecast monday through wednesday. that's when we'll see a chance of a few scattered showers. the upper low sitting offshore will move inland leading to a cool week and warming up some approaching next weekend. so far so good, weather holding out right now. it looks pretty good for the outdoor events tomorrow. >> that's great. thank you, rob. a big weekend for baseball fans and college football fans too. let's check in with henry wolford of comcast sportsnet. good to see you again. >> great to see you, diane. coming up in sports, it's showtime for bay area baseball teams. in g-men are in a tough battle. we'll have an update on a score for you at at&t park. plus, highlights from the motor city as the red hot oakland a's battle the detroit tigers could.
8:20 pm
the green and gold get one of their best pitchers in trouble? sports is next. ♪
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welcome back. play-off fever is back in the bay area. the giants are hosting the reds right now. that game is 3-0 in the bottom of the fifth inning. we'll have an update for you later tonight. meanwhile, the oakland a's prove their critics wrong by winning the a.l. west. but oakland's overachievers are not satisfied. today they began their play-off run to the world series that begins in the motor city in the alds. let's take you out there. a's and tigers game one. top of the first, how do you begin a game like this? with a bang. kapow from coco crisp. lead-off homer to right. the a's up 1-0. however, bottom of the third, this game was tied at one. quinton berry grounds it softly to the right side. jarrod parker, uh-oh, can't make the play. omar infante scores. tigers lead, 2-1.
8:23 pm
meanwhile, justin verlander was money. strikes out josh reddick. how about josh donaldson. you're not going to hit it either. verlander had 11 strikeouts in seven innings. top of the ninth, two out. kottaras. 3-1 is the final. they lead the series, one game to none. >> 1 through 9 we've got guys that can produce. obviously you don't want their two superstars to end up with the headlines of, you know, multihomer games or what not. when it came down to it, they came up clutch. and sometimes it just happens. >> we lost, and it stinks. but we'll be back. i guess good maybe that we play at noon. i don't know if there is anything good about a noon game. but if it is, it's coming off a loss and being able the get back out there. >> going to take it one day at a time. go home and get some rust and come back out here and focus on doug fister. we're not a stranger to quick turnarounds. we've had all this traveling the last month. we're kind of used to it.
8:24 pm
just got to go home and get ready for it and have a nice breakfast, get some energy going tomorrow, and sleep on the plane. we can worry about being tire and resting when we get on that plane. >> game two is tomorrow morning, by the way. we'll have all your highlights for you. plus, before we get out of here, a couple of college football scores. stanford wins a thrill every over arizona in overtime. 54-48. and right now in the second quarter, cal leads ucla, 16-7. all your complete highlights coming up tonight, diane. don't cry yet. the bears haven't lost or anything like that. >> it's going to be okay. i feel good about it. all right. thanks, henry. we'll be right back with another look at the blue angels. ah.
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to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. just can't get enough of that stuff, you know? they did not disappoint. here is another look at the blue
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angels performance today over the beautiful san francisco bay and the beautiful blue skies. the jets fly in formation, at times just 18 inches apart. fleet week began this morning, of course, the parade of ships as vessels from the navy and the coast guard sailed under the golden gate bridge and into the bay. fleet week continues tomorrow with the star attraction, the blue angels taking to the sky at 3:00 again. rob tells us it's going to be perfect weather, not that i'm putting a whole lot of pressure on you or anything, but why not. >> it has been tough to forecast. when you're talking about low clouds and air shows. today it was the perfect scenario. we had the dryer air mix down, totally broke up all the low clouds. tomorrow we're expecting a few extra low clouds right around the time the air show gets under way. we'll see temperatures running a little bit cooler tomorrow. the sea breeze is going to be a bit stronger. so the teams at the america's cup will appreciate that. but we'll see if we can get to see the same kind of acrobatics today under blue skies for the blue angels. we'llee if we can get that again tomorrow. we're looking at partly cloudy
8:28 pm
conditions. but the chance of showers here does look like it's going to hold off until monday, tuesday, and wednesday. that's a low-pressure system that will cross the central coast, bring in a chance of showers. for the coastal range south of san jose and staying cool as we head into the weeks. so far looking good future all the outdoor plans tomorrow. 49ers, giants game too coming up same time tomorrow evening. a little cooler for you sunday. >>y live with that thanks for watching this special edition of nbc bay area news. "countdown to the cup" is up next. we'll see you back at 11:00. cal 16. giants losing tonight. the legacy of america's cup's is full of many firsts that stand as records in the history books to this day. >> america's cup is the oldest trophy in sport, 45 years before the modern olympics. it was the first international sporting competition of any kind. >> this presentation has been brought to you by xfinity,
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